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    In the United States, bankruptcy is a matter of federal law, although state law has the power to modify some aspects of the bankruptcy laws. The statutes enacted by Congress allow a debtor to declare bankruptcy and subsequently discharge certain debts and in some cases restructure debts into a plan of repayment. Types of bankruptcy in the U.S. include:

    –          Consumer bankruptcy under Chapter 7 or 13

    –          Business bankruptcy under Chapter 9, 11, or 12

    –          International business bankruptcy under Chapter 15

    State laws control the validity of bankruptcy claims as well as the exemption of assets. Therefore, bankruptcy cases can look very different in various states. A debtor needs a bankruptcy attorney with experience in the specific regulations of the relevant state.

    Why File for Bankruptcy?

    Although bankruptcy can save the financial situations of many struggling families, a negative association with the claim prevents many from benefiting from the clean slate that bankruptcy can offer. With a growing surge of bankruptcy cases in Colorado, residents of the state are beginning to view bankruptcy in a less negative light. Bankruptcy presents many advantages, such as:

    –          Relief from creditor harassment and threats

    –          The discharge of debt, excluding certain types of debt such as student loans and taxes

    –          A more reasonable payment plan based on your income

    A consultation with an experienced lawyer in your area can help you to weigh the benefits and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy. Depending on your state’s exemption laws, you may be able to keep the majority of your property. A bankruptcy attorney will inform you about the possible consequences of filing for bankruptcy, such as the effect on your credit score and your ability to obtain credit cards.

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